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Portabello Mushrooms

We grow these mushrooms in a modern mushroom farm on our own organic mushroom substrate made exclusively from natural ingredients. In our farms we respect nature and use no genetically modified crops, pesticides or other chemical additives. These mushrooms, carefully selected and picked by hand, reach sales outlets while being touched only once – when they are placed on a tray after cutting. We hope the tray will reach you soon and will be enjoyable.

Try them and make sure for yourself – always fresh, firm and fleshy portabello mushrooms are characterized by specific, intense taste and expressive aroma. Because of their exceptional size these mushrooms are best suited for baking in the oven or grilling. They are suitable for a variety of recipes, usually as a main dish.

100g nutritional value of
Portabello Mushrooms

92 kJ (22 kcal)
Total fat
0,4 g
Saturated fat
< 0,1 g
Total carbohydrate
3,9 g
2,5 g
Dietary fiber
1,3 g
2,1 g
0,06 g
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